Vine Experiences

Let yourself be carried away to discover the champagne vineyard thanks to our horse-drawn carriage or enjoy a tasting of our cuvées.

Promenade en calèche Bukaczewski-Collet
Rodolphe et son cheval
Promenades en calèche Bukaczewski-Collet
Cheval Bukaczewski-Collet
Promenade en calèche Bukaczewski-Collet

Horse-drawn carriage

Rodolphe invites you to discover the vineyard for a unique experience of terroir and pleasures. His draft horse will be at your disposal to cross the vineyards during walks under the sign of the sensuality and the delights of our Champagne surroundings. Your ride may be accompanied by a tasting of our BUKACZEWSKI-COLLET champagnes for a sparkling charm.


Rodolphe strives to offer an epicurean champagne, offering pleasure and sharing. Generous, natural, obvious, it is the reflection of his desire. His champagne is the culmination of an activity in which the winegrower thrives, his cuvées can be tasted in essential events as well as the lightest! The flavors of BUKACZEWSKI-COLLET champagnes reflect their rich and authentic history, and their effervescence, both delicate and dancing, communicates from the first sip, the cheerful enthusiasm that animates its winemaker on a daily basis.